The Faucet of Knowledge

Hosting Sales and Support Training

Day 1

Getting to know GoDaddy

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    • Get to know your trainer and classmates
    • Log into your computer
    • Explain GoDaddy’s Vision and Values
    • Complete necessary administrative pieces for beginning work at GoDaddy, such as payroll, benefits, etc.
    • Learn internal resources that will be used as you begin your journey with GoDaddy
    • Okta
    • Workday
    • Cornerstone
    • The Planet
    • CRM

Day 1

Locate the Employee Handbook in GoDaddy Planet to answer the questions below. Note the location in the Handbook where you found the information as well.


      1. What is GoDaddy’s Dress Code?

We are pleased to offer a casual dress code environment.  While our dress code may be casual, we attract some of the brightest minds in the industry.  We value who you are, not what you wear, and want employees to dress comfortably at work.

      1. What is the cell phone usage policy during work hours?

Personal cell phone use should be kept to a minimum during work hours.  Calls and text messages should be placed during breaks and away from other co-workers.  We trust that you will still focus on our customers and getting the job done.

      1. Does GoDaddy consider freelance website design a conflict of interest?

GoDaddy will not consider freelance website design or webmaster services that you provide outside your employment with GoDaddy as a conflict of interest as long as: (a) you don’t provide any website design services as part of your job at GoDaddy

      1. What is GoDaddy’s Insider Trading Policy?

GoDaddy Reps also may not trade in the shares of other companies about which they learn material

Any GoDaddy Rep who knowingly trades GoDaddy securities while in possession of material, non-public information or who tips information to others will be subject to appropriate disciplinary action up to and including termination.

No GoDaddy Rep in possession of material, non-public information may trade GoDaddy’s securities

      1. What is Personal Time?
      1. Sick time, Jury Duty , bereavement, Vacation


      1. Where can you find information about GoDaddy, including company news, product updates, and C3 Contests?


The Employee Handbook


      1. Which GoDaddy Value do you most relate to and why?

Live passionately, I love to follow my dreams


      1. Where is the Code of Conduct found?

Employee Handbook


      1. What is the link to the GoDaddy Portal which houses various apps and resources to be used both internally and externally?


      1. Which program is used to punch in and out from lunch and your shift each day?




    • Visit GoDaddy’s website and navigate through the Domain menu to become familiar with domain products and services